Hear What Our Satisfied Clients Have to Say:                                                                              

I am so thankful for finding Helen. She has been great in helping me lose weight (over 20 pounds!) but more importantly, helping me learn to live a healthier lifestyle with food and exercise. Helen is very patient and encouraging on this journey. I have learned to read labels better and also the importance of putting the right combination of foods together for sustainable energy. There are no gimmicks or prepackaged foods with Helen. It is about making right choices, eating whole foods and exercising. Thank you, Helen! 

Evelyn, 51 yrs. old, Titusville, PA


Since the end of January, I have lost about 90 pounds!

Helen has helped me improve my eating habits. I now make sure to read labels, and I cut out unhealthy snacking between meals. Along with creating healthy eating habits, I also make sure to go for plenty of walks.  Since losing weight, I find that I have more energy and the walks are no longer tiring like they used to be. Over the past few months, I have lowered my blood pressure and my cholesterol. Helen has been a great help, during our consultations, she has provided me with great advice and continued words of encouragement. With Helen's aid, I have been able to successfully lose weight and keep it off. I really feel great!  

Bob 32 years old, Shamokin, PA


Since working with Helen, I have more energy, lowered my cholesterol, and dropped 6 pant sizes!  I feel great! These results keep me motivated to continue my lifestyle of staying positive and eating healthy!

Felicia, Erie, PA


I cannot express my gratitude enough to Helen Agresti of Professional Nutrition Consulting.

Recently, while at a social gathering, I was talking about the summer and all it will hold this year. Although tiring...the summer was full of activity. Helen smiled warmly and then noticed, as I proceeded to go through my third glass of water...not the water all the ice I was chewing. She mentioned this may be a sign of low iron. Upon her recommendation, I visited my family physician and had blood work done. One week later, the letter arrived. I am indeed anemic and need to start a Iron supplement immediately.

Helen has always been a true champion for her clients, but it is also her skillful and
comprehensive approach to her work that allows her clients to reach their true potentials. Through casual conversation, she demonstrated how she crosses into all aspects of her expertise...healthy on the inside and outside.

Many many thanks and so much Gratitude!

Michele, Erie, PA


Helen has turned my energy level around.  After consulting with I her I learned I was not eating the right combination of foods during the day.  She told me to eat a portien and carb combination for breakfast, snacks during the day and gave me healthy lunch and dinner ideas.  

Patty, Erie, PA


I have learned to put my health first then let everything else come together on it's own. It is working for me. I've lost 13 lbs.! I'm starting to gain more energy and learning to be mindful of my food choices and portion sizes. Trying new foods has changed everything.

We have made Helen’s Chicken Marsala recipe several times. It is delicious! My husband wants it once a week when possible.It's a simple recipe with a small amount of ingredients. I've used just the Marsala wine when I was out of white wine. It was just as tasty! This recipe is elegant enough to serve to guests and very healthy too.

Thank you for sharing this recipe with us. It is a favorite in our home with a tossed green salad.

Beth 61 yrs old, Girard, PA


I am 38 soon to be 39. I was diagnosed with stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer at age 34. The types of medications that are required to keep me alive can be very taxing on my body. Mostly recently I was on a steroid and within a few short months I had gain between 50-60 pounds. I felt miserable. On top of this my iron was low. I talked to my family doctor and he recommended I see Helen. I am so glad he did. I feel so much better! Taking supplements and eating properly is giving me the energy I have missed for a long time.

I have also been losing weight and keeping it off! I have also been an example to my daughter and husband on how we should be eating. My daughter, the picking eater, even enjoys are new menu. I’m so thankful for Helen and her expert advice. I don’t look sick, and now I don’t feel sick either. I feel healthy.

Shannon L, 38, Erie, PA 

Shannon L

Helen has really helped me get the most out of my diet and exercise plan. She taught me to really understand the nutrition label and how to make healthier choices that make a difference. Helen doesn’t use the word “diet” I have learned from her that I am making a lifestyle change. She is easy to work with and has a lot of great ideas to make your favorite meals healthier.

Lisa, Erie, PA


I have made it to the gym for 1 hr, 3 days in a row.  One day my husband came also. I am trying some of the new recipes and have decided to cook ahead on Saturday for the week and make some of the recipes and freeze them for the week to grab and go. Thank you for helping me reach my goals and as you say, "It is for me and my health"...I do feel better over all!  I share what I have learned with others.  And people are coming out of the wood work, coming up to me saying what a change they see in me.  Even though I am only down 1 size, I realized a belt that didn't fit, is now too big and that is 5-6 inches that have changed....YEPI!   I am looking forward to wearing shorts this summer. I haven't worn any for 3 yrs.... just capri's!

Heidi, Erie, PA


I have never been able to lose weight until I met Helen. She is a great motivator and always has a smile and something good to say to me in a positive way. Before seeing Helen twice a month I ate chips, cookies, crackers and all the quick and fattening foods that are easy to get and a quick fix. I now go to the gym and swim and exercise when before I sat and ate all evening. Now I have lost almost 25 pounds and I feel so much better. To be continued!!

Natalie 34 yrs. old, Erie, PA


With Helen’s help, support and guidance I have taken back control of my body. I am more concerned about the quality of the food that I eat and how it’s prepared. I “spend” less on junk and more on the things that I really enjoy.   I’ve lost eleven pounds, but more importantly, I feel really good!

Jodi, Erie, PA