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Avocado, Pepper Jack, and Toasted Sesame Seed Crackers

Avocado, Pepper Jack, and Toasted Sesame Seed Crackers

Avocado and Pepper Jack on Toasted Sesame Seed Crackers

Like most moms, I'm always trying to come up with healthy snack ideas for our kids.  Our time is limited between activities after school.  It's essential that the snack is quick and easy to prepare, as well as, healthy and delicious.  When I made this snack for myself, it didn't occur to me that my kids would want to give this avocado and cheese combination a try.  I was surprised and thrilled they wanted more of this potassium, calcium, fiber, and vitamin C filled snack.  

~Happy Snacking!


  • toasted Sesame Seed Crackers
  • sliced avocado
  • thinly sliced Pepper Jack Cheese
  • side of grapes


Top crackers with avocado and cheese.  Serve with grapes.

*Substituting with different cheeses, vegetables, crackers, and fruit is recommended.  Kids love to experiment!