Get the Dish on Dining Out

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1.  Feeling ravenous prior to going out can lead to unhealthy eating.  To take the edge off, eat a small low-fat snack like a piece of fruit or toast with a thin layer of peanut butter.

2.  Choose unsweetened  tea or water.  Sugar sweetened drinks have no nutrient value and are high in calories.

3.  Skip the bread or tortilla chip basket.  Save those calories for dinner.

4.  If you plan on having dessert, order an appetizer as your entree.

5.  Choose foods that are baked, broiled, grilled, or steamed.

6.  If you order an appetizer for yourself, split an entree.

7.  Ask for dressings, sauces, and butter on the side.

8.  Prior to eating, ask your server for a take-out container and save half your entree for lunch or dinner the next day.

9.  Eat slowly and mindfully.

10.  Save desserts for special occassions.  Share them and enjoy!

If you feel as though eating out saves time, then you should have plenty of time to exercise.

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