Nutrition Tip of the Day: Portion Control!

Plates of food with smaller and smaller portions

Shrink Your Plate to Lose Weight

We often feel like we need to eat everything off our plates.  The smaller the plate or bowl, the less calories we will consume.  By planning our portions and downsizing our servings, the end result will be weight loss!

Avoid eating out of a bag, box, or container.  This makes it too easy for us to consume more than 1 serving.

These tips will help you control how much you eat and reach a healthy weight.

  • Eat from smaller dishes like luncheon or salad plates.
  • Serve appropriate portions.
  • Don’t go back for seconds.
  • Keep platters of food off the table.
  • Store leftovers in portion-controlled amounts for future quick and easy meals.

Change Your Life Today

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