Weight Loss with Pro Nutrition Consulting

GxSlim with Pro Nutrition Consulting's Helen Agresti
GxSlim is a scientifically-based weight management program that identifies your unique genetic makeup and then provides meal and exercise strategies that are tailored to your genotype.

The GxSlim program includes a DNA test of 48 genetic markers directly related to weight loss and a comprehensive personalized report that includes ideal food, nutrient, and exercise recommendations based on your genotype.

You will have access to a genotype-specific health content portal, which contains hundreds of videos, recipes, and articles that are targeted to your genetic profile.

Helen Agresti will provide a meal and an exercise plan based on your genetic test results. The genetic test can be packaged with coaching/counseling, meal planning, and grocery shopping.

The GxSlim test is also available for purchase without personal nutrition coaching.


"I did the GxSlim testing and I was impressed with the information that came back.  It provided me with a meal plan.  The results explained what foods are better for me and what type of exercise will help me burn more calories. I still refer to the information when I have a question. The report was wonderful and easy to understand.  Thank You!" 

Heidi M, age 54 has lost over 50 lbs!


GxSlim Packages:  

1) Test/Report without Personal Nutrition Coaching $290 (shipping included). 
2) Test/Report with 2 Nutrition Consultations and Meal Plan $490.
3) Test/Report with 4 Nutrition Consultations and Meal Plan $690. 

For information on having your test kit mailed to you, email info@pronutritionconsulting.com

*GxSlim is not covered by health insurance.
Nutrition consultations may be covered by your Health Plan. Payment and applicable insurance reimbursements are the responsibilities of the patient.


GxSlim Step 1
ORDER KITPlace your order through our online store and we will ship your DNA collection kit to your preferred address.
GxSlim Step 2
SEND DNAUse our simple kit to collect a saliva sample and mail it back to us in the same packaging.
GxSlim Step 3
ANALYZE DNAOur lab will analyze your sample and identify your genotype.
GxSlim Step 4
GET REPORTWe will email you when you are able to login to our secure portal to read and/or download your personal report.
GxSlim Step 5
SCHEDULE CALL/APPTUse our online scheduling system to schedule your first session with Helen.
GxSlim Step 6
Helen will take you through your report and provide guidance on how to implement your recommendations.