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10 Tips on How to Gobble Without the Guilt

Are you stressing over the amount of food that will be gracing your table this Thanksgiving? Enjoy the annual feast with family and friends without the guilt.

Having a game plan set in place before you gobble is an important component in claiming a victory against those additional calories turning into unwanted pounds.


Here are a few tips to keep additional weight from showing up on the scale:

1. Get your “metabolism/motor revving!” Make time for an early morning run or brisk walk. Sign up for a local “Turkey Trot” or commit with a family member or friend to walk/jog around your neighborhood.

2. Be sure to eat a meal or snack at least 3 hours prior to sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner. Skipping meals in attempt to save room for the main course will most likely result in bad choices or overeating.

3. If you are the host, serve food from an area other than the table where you and your guests are eating. We are less apt to eat mindlessly if we have to get up from the table to serve ourselves.

4. It’s game time! Fill half of your plate with plant-based foods and ΒΌ of the plate with lean protein choices like white turkey. This will help keep stuffing and other high calorie sides to a minimum.

5. Keep salad dressings, sauces, and gravies on the side. Try lightly dipping the food instead of dousing it. These are unnecessary, calorie-laden add-ons.

6. Skip the bread and appetizers. Don’t waste calories on foods that you can have all year long.

7. Enjoy this highly anticipated meal with your loved ones. Eat sitting down without distractions (i.e., watching football). Always be aware of what and how much you’re eating.

8. If you can’t resist going back for seconds, use a salad plate to ensure proper portion control of your favorite holiday foods.

9. Leave an adequate amount time between dinner and dessert. Give your body at least 30 min. to digest your meal properly. Use this time to move around and help with clearing the table or washing dishes.

10. Want to try more than one dessert? Split them with one or more guests. By doing so, you get a good taste of everything while you keep dessert to one serving and avoid the guilt of overindulging.

When even the smallest changes are made, we see the greatest results.

Gobble and Enjoy Happy, Healthy Eating!


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