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Changing the way we eat can certainly help us look and feel rejuvenated.  How we feel on the inside, naturally reflects on the outside.  Some of the benefits of consuming whole foods include: an increase in energy levels, protection from disease, and a slowing of the aging process.  Whole foods are consumed in their “natural” state.  These foods are not altered like most of the processed and refined foods on the supermarket shelves.  Nothing has been added or taken away from these foods.  It’s the difference between an apple and apple juice, or a baked potato and mashed potatoes.

Learning how to look and feel better the healthy way is essential for many reasons.  In today’s society, women and men are spending thousands of dollars to change the way they look and feel.  They are forgetting the importance of taking care of what’s inside.  Some eat too much and others don’t eat enough.  Once you experience some of the positive effects of incorporating whole foods in your meals, you will begin to appreciate why these foods have rejuvenating qualities.  Loaded with vitamins, minerals, and fiber, these foods help to heal, repair, and protect our bodies from disease.

Not sure which whole fruits and vegetables you should eat?  Always choose those that are in season.  They are often on display and easily accessible in the produce section.   Some of summer’s most delicious whole foods are in season during the month of August.  A few of my favorites include: honeydew, pears, nectarines, peaches, corn, cucumber, and eggplant.  It’s important not to limit yourself to just fruits and vegetables.  Whole foods can be found in all of the major food groups.  Whole grain and dairy products that have not been altered or refined are also consider “whole”.  Take advantage of looking and feeling younger the healthy and inexpensive way.  Start by incorporating at least one whole food into each meal and snack.

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