Trick your kids into Eating Healthy

Candy corn

It’s Halloween Time!  This marks the beginning of the holiday season when we often find ourselves celebrating weeks in advance.

Why wait until the New Year to start eating healthier?  Begin the season of candy, pies, and cookies with healthy goals set in place.  By committing to a healthier lifestyle now, you can save yourself from ever seeing the scale get to that not so pleasant number by the end of the year.

Most of us purchase Halloween candy weeks prior to trick or treating.  Candy is always going to be on the store shelves.  Before buying any candy, try waiting a few days or at least a week before Halloween and school parties begin.  You will be saving yourself a lot of calories and guilt.

A healthier option to buying candy and treats is to make them yourself with the help of your children.  Camouflaging fruit with fun kid-friendly toppings is an easy way to trick your family into eating healthier this Halloween.  Easy treats such as berries drizzled with chocolate, apple slices dipped in yogurt and granola, and chocolate bananas on a stick are nutritious and delicious.  It doesn’t have to be trick or treat this year. Try doing both, and enjoy a healthier holiday season.

Try this fun Banana on a stick recipe.

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